Monday, May 7, 2012

Pound Pup Update

Remember this little pup housed at the Roanoke pound?

She was suffering from severe mange, and could not be transferred to the Roanoke SPCA when her stray hold time was up. You see, the SPCA was already dealing with two hard cases at the time. That's Two. Hard. Cases. Two Hard Cases. Yes, she was uncomfortable and needed out of the stressful pound, but Bill Watson was already dealing with Two Hard Cases at the SPCA.

Keep in mind that the pound side of the building has an annual revenue of around 1 million tax dollars, and the Roanoke SPCA had a total revenue of over 1,400,000. But no room at the Inn for this girl, and no foster options are in place for pound animals.

On the subject of sick pound animals, here is an interesting fact. Did you know that every time the SPCA Vet walks across the hall to see a pound animal, the SPCA charges the pound (you) $25? That does not include meds or treatments.Often these visits are simply to tell the pound staff that the animal needs to be seen by another Vet.

The pound technically "owns" the animals off of stray hold, but by contract the Roanoke Valley SPCA is responsible for them.

Fortunately, a No Kill entity that believes in their mission stepped in to help the mange puppy. The Franklin County Humane Society crossed the line into Roanoke and took this little pup into their care. On that particular day, April 12th, did they have room? Probably not, but they found a way, and today she is thriving in foster care.

Look at her now...

Her name is Jaida, and she is beautiful. She was worth saving. Bill Watson may not think so, but we do, and we know you do as well. Thank you for that.

And a big thank you to the good folks at the Humane Society in Franklin County- you all live up to your name and get the job done, day in and day out. Wishing Miss Jaida all the happiness there is in her new life!


  1. She is beautiful. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to get her to this point.

  2. "two hard cases" overwhelms the agency? Are the salaried people who work there (on the taxpayers' dime!) mentally challenged?

    Thank you to everyone who pitched in, thought OUTSIDE the box, and saved this dog!!!

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